Trust Gers Driving School in Finglas Dublin

We based our Gers Driving School in Dublin’s Finglas suburb to the north of the city centre, where a mix of residential, business and industrial environments provides perfect surroundings for our driver-training program. We are comprehensively insured and registered, and have trained staff and permanent premises. Our ADT’s are 100% qualified with the Road Safety Authority, and we regularly put them through refresher courses.

We take our business seriously, and this shows in the number of referrals we get. At the last count close to a third of our current students came to us that way. We believe this is due to our professional approach, and our 97.6% pass rate across a population of 843 students since the introduction of EDT. We invite you to train with us, and experience the difference Gers Driving School could make to your life.

Dublin Test Centres

The Authorities have spaced four testing centres in the greater Dublin area, to spread the pressure and be closer to their clients. When you train with us in Finglas, there are no restrictions where you test. In fact you could test anywhere you like in Ireland convenient to you. That said, it does make more sense to stick to the Finglas testing centre, because then we can show you the actual routes the examiners use.

Road Safety Authority Driver Testing Centre

Success Rate

Waiting Time

Finglas (Jamestown Business Park, Jamestown, Finglas Dublin)


8 Weeks

Rathgar (75 Orwell Road – near Orwell Lodge – Rathgar Dublin 6)


8 Weeks

Raheny (4 All Saints Park, Raheny Dublin 5)


8 Weeks

Tallaght (Premier Business Park, 52 Broomhill Road, Tallaght Dublin)


8 Weeks

Our Core Business

We believe in sticking to our core business, which is car driver training leading to the award of a light vehicle licence. We do not deviate from the official EDT standard and willingly put in the extra effort. Everything we do goes in your official EDT logbook. This is the controlling document we ask you to countersign.

We believe sponsors add great value and will not sign a contract until we have met with them. This is the person who is going to assist you with sandwich practice sessions between formal training. Experience has taught us that the route to EDT success lies along regular practicing and attention to detail

Here is some food for thought

The framework of learner driver training is different all over the world and some would suggest we’re blessed in Ireland. To illustrate, In Australia, for driving lessons Brisbane students have to complete 100 logged hours of accompanied driving. That will get costly. And you better have a minimum of €1400 saved if you want to get your drivers license in Germany. So for student driving lessons Dublin has it great.

Other Services

Please refer to our Services Page where we list our related, ancillary services, and contact us when you are ready to engage.