Finglas Test Centre

driving_ability_testThe Road Safety Authority’s Finglas testing station is a short distance south of the E01 / N2 intersection in Jamestown Business Park on Jamestown Road. Once there, find a parking space and report at reception before waiting quietly for your turn. If you feel nervous, this is natural given the circumstances. Your flutters will soon settle as you begin the test and started ticking the boxes.

Gers does not recommend you begin the examination after last minute ‘cramming’ in the car outside. All you are going to achieve is start rattling worry beads and perhaps even confuse yourself. If you have to wait more than say fifteen minutes, it makes sense to take a short walk around the business park and calm yourself by remembering the reasons we told you that you are going to pass. Our average 97.6% pass rate among 843 EDT students should be chief among these – so you should not be any different.

The Key to Passing

The Finglas Testing Centre is not a place where favours happen. The examiners are professionals, well trained and disposed to be neutral throughout the process. Trying to make friends is likely to make them suspect your motive more than anything else. The only way to pass the test is to get good points for every phase and this is what you have to concentrate on.

Your attitude has a great deal to do with it too. Be respectful and polite without being artificial. If you are confused about anything you must ask. Try to do this non-confrontationally. You do not want to come across as difficult. Everything should reinforce the impression that you are a safe driver and a pleasant person.

The Final Word

Every driving licence applicant makes the odd mistake on test day, especially at the beginning of each of four phases. The examiners are more interested in the bigger picture and will give you another opportunity to get it right. When these things happen, apologise and thank them.

You will soon sense them relaxing and warming to you. If you train with us and concentrate on what you are doing, you should pass the test. Speak to the leaders in the business. Are you ready for your driving licence?