The Services Gers Driving School Provides

Our primary offering is preparing first time drivers for their official driving test. This normally takes place at the Finglas Testing Centre not far from where we have our offices. We also provide a range of related services to drivers at other stages in their motoring careers. In all cases we follow structured programs, to make sure we cover all aspects and deliver the desired result.

List of Services

  • ADI-Logo2EDT Training in accordance with the standards and procedures laid down by the Irish Road Safety Authority, and as delegated to us through the ADT program. We aim to cover every line of the syllabus and add further advice based on our extensive experience as divers and trainers. We have a high pass rate and can say with confidence that every student should pass with us, provided that is they absorb the training material, practice regularly and concentrate on test day.
  • In Company Training as part of a broader health and safety initiative, where firms internally re licence their staff after checking their driving standards have not slipped. Proof of this is a valuable asset in terms of an insurance claim. If your staff are on the road all day long they will appreciate this, and you should consider it seriously.
  • Disabled Driver Assistance – We have several associates who have difficulties themselves, and are perfectly poised to help other drivers overcome their disabilities. Mostly, the only restriction is an adapted vehicle to practice and test in. We have had a 100% success rate thus far, and offer a complete refund (terms and conditions apply) should we not succeed.
  • Requalification Training for experienced drivers who feel they will benefit from extra input. These could be seniors renewing their driving licence at 70 plus, repeat traffic offenders who have to start again, and people settling in Ireland with a licence from another country.

Please contact Gers Driving School should you require further information or assistance. We are here to help you, and our reputation speaks for us.